Dui Lawyer Danville Ky

Dui Lawyer Danville Ky

Thinking About Hiring a DUI Lawyer in Danville KY? Here are 3 Reasons Why You Should

Being charged for driving under the influence (DUI), whether because of alcohol or drugs, is a serious offense in the state of Kentucky. If you have been arrested for this offense and you are still contemplating if you should hire a DUI lawyer in Danville KY or simply let “justice” takes its natural course, there are specific instances wherein having legal representation is not only advisable but necessary:

  • You have previous DUI arrest
  • You honestly believe that you were unjustly charged
  • Your DUI caused injury or even death to another person
  • Your livelihood depends on your driving

Whether you meet any or all the conditions above, having a DUI lawyer in Danville KY is, in general, always a good idea. Below are the advantages of having reputable lawyers like us at Helton, Walter & Associates defend your legal rights in a DUI case:

  • Expertise

The legislators in Kentucky are dead serious when they crafted the DUI law. Those who have been caught driving under the influence can suffer harsh penalties such as paying fines, jail time. Suspension or termination of driving privileges, confiscation of the license plate, and installation of an ignition interlock device in the vehicle, among others.

Given the risk of suffering from the said harsh consequences, it is best that you have one of our lawyers representing your interest. Our DUI lawyer has the expertise to handle your case. Apart from effectively representing you in court, our lawyer can fully explain, not only the nitty-gritty of the court process but every little detail concerning your case. Only when you are properly informed can you make the best decision.

Apart from providing you with up to date and accurate information, our lawyer can advise you on how you should plea. Our team will also be in charge of completing and submitting all the necessary documentation to the court. Ultimately, we will handle the burden, so you can free yourself from undue stress and anxiety.

  • Reducing Charges or Penalties

When you rely on our team of DUI lawyers, you can be assured that they will explore all legal means to ensure that your rights are highly protected. For instance, if our lawyer sees that your recorded blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is near the legal limit, he or she can question the reading of the Breathalyzer, so your DUI charge can be reduced to a “reckless driving” charge.

If in case the odds are not in your favor because your recorded BAC was very high, or you have injured or killed someone, a DUI lawyer can arrange a deal so that your sentence can at least be reduced.

  • Dropping of Charge

There are instances wherein your DUI charge can be dropped completely. You wouldn’t understand this possibility If you do not have a credible lawyer by your side. Our team of lawyers has the experience, skills, and knowledge to assess your case and determine the best course of action to take.

If you are looking for the best DUI lawyer in Danville KY to represent you, rely on us at Helton, Walter & Associates. Our firm has over seven decades of experience in handling cases involving DUI, bankruptcy, personal injury, and family law, among others. Get in touch with us today to schedule a consultation.

Dui Lawyer Danville Ky
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